We Are Retiring The Legacy Membership Portal

Modified on Mon, 19 Feb at 2:04 PM


How long do I have access to the legacy portal? 

  • The legacy portal will be accessible till December 31, 2022

What will happen to my materials on the site?

  • You will no longer be able to access them starting January 1st, 2023. 

Can I download my materials from the site?

  • Yes, you can download any PDFs, audio, and transcript on the site. Videos are not downloadable. 

What about the masterclasses since they are videos? 

What about my Magnetic Marketing Implementation Coaching Training? 

  • You are able to download the workbook and the audio from your training. Videos are not downloadable and you should have received physical copies of the training in the mail. 
  • Implementation Coaching will not be available in the Diamond membership on the new membership site.

What about the Magnetic Marketing Live Videos?

  • You will not be able to download the videos for MML, you can download the audio and transcripts.
  • These videos will not be available on the new membership site.

What about the IMA Live videos?

  • You cannot download the videos from IMA Live. However, you can download the transcripts.
  • These videos will not be available on the new membership site.

I use the site to log into my digital products portal, will I lose access to it as well?

How about the Business Advantage TV?

Is there a place to update my billing information on the Magnetic Marketing site

  • Yes, you can access the billing portal on the current membership site by clicking on billing at top of the page on the right-hand side. Or go to magneticmarketing.com/billing.
    • If you have purchased an offer at the Magnetic Marketing Challenge (MMC), please contact Support for your billing needs as this billing portal is not available for those purchases. These purchases include the VIP Upgrade and the Ultimate Marketing Machine (UMM) offer. You can contact our Support team by clicking the support button at the bottom right corner of your screen.
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